Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time inbetween...

This is the time inbetween the life I leave behind, and the new to begin.
The house is more or less empty, and I sit and wait. There are still a few things to be done to finish with what's behind, but mostly, it's just waiting for the new to start.

The inhouse garage sale was a huge success last Saturday.. I sold just about everything except a few nick nacks, which will go to Goodwill. The car needs cleaning, in fact, I'll get a detail job done on it, and then I can leave it with Jack in great condition to be sold. There are still a few boxes to be sent to Australia and then on the 10th February... I sail off into the wide blue yonder in one of those big white birds on a course set for my homeland. Then the new life begins!

The house feels strange.. hardly a stick of furniture, a bed, a seat, a telly, and some things to cook and eat with... and no Meefs. There was never a time he wasn't here, except for the very early days when he'd go out to buy a few things on his own.. then he lost his sight, and he was always here.. except for when I took him to doctors or eye specialists. So I walk into each room and see him there, and I see him in his room, in the last days, and I thank God he's not suffering anymore, and I thank God he's with his Saviour and the flesh that caused him so much misery is gone, the veil has been ripped away, and he sees Him face to face.. lucky bugga!... he beat me to it!!!
So, bring on the new!

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  1. (((HUGS))) You have such a strong, uplifting perspective on things, Cheza. My prayers are with you that everything goes smoothly for you in your transition, and that God blesses you abundantly in the new chapter of your life in Australia!