Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oracles of God

Everything that God is--whether it is His thoughts, His intent, His will, His power, His authority, His love--it is contained in His Word which is His Oracle that expressly speaks. Paul certainly knew something of this: "For of (Grk ek, out of) Him, and through Him, and to (Grk. eis, into) Him are all things." Romans 11:36. The apostle summed up very well in this short verse what Ray Prinzing termed as the law of circularity, and I know of no simpler way it could have been said. For truly, out of Him, through Him, and back into Him are all things. The ALL that came out of Him by the sound of His word will proceed through Him, and this is by His word which is fire, and the ALL will return back into Him from where it came. Nothing lost, nothing wasted, but ALL made new and drawn back into Him through Jesus Christ!
Elwin R Roach

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