Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Declare a Fast in the Land?

"Declare a Fast in the land," said the Pastor with microphone in hand, but these words he did not understand.

Just more control is what he wanted to show, the words of God he did not know.

"For four, or forty days, as a congregation we'll pray until God gives us what we say." And so like children the Pastor and his flock continued their play.

Whether only juice, water, or bread, this is the way it is always said when a fast is declared in the land of the dead.

Man takes God's truth and turns it to lies. It all about man's works, not the truth, for the truth they despise.

If this wasn't so the true meaning of fasting they would know. Their spirit would be fed and their understanding would grow. They would stop with the lies, manipulation and control, they would see the word of God in the only thing we can fast from, if the truth be told.

Shall the children fast when their Father is here? Can they ever be hungry when their daily bread is near? Their bread, which is the revelation of God's Word made clear. How can we fast from something so dear? Unless we are ignorant of God's truth and cannot hear.

It's not literal food that feeds our soul, it’s not literal food we fast from, it is the Word of God that is sown. In the wilderness we are tempted with lies and it is hard for God to show the truth we need to know because our minds a filled with the lies these pastors, priests and so-called prophets blow.

Listen carefully before you follow a man made fast. If you follow vain tradition, and ignorant teachers, you follow the wrong teachers down the wrong path.

We are the body and the bread that is broken. The water is the Word we’re immersed in, the sincere milk is the rudiments of God's word spoken. The Fish and the Sheep are women and men that seek. The meat is revelation that is quite deep, the honey is enlightenment that opens yours eyes so you can see. In the Promise Land there is no fasting or hunger for you and me.

So don't be like the disciples of John and those that follow after the teaching of those that are less than the least in the kingdom. The law and the prophets bring death, but Christ brings liberty, peace, righteousness and freedom.

"The Truth Will Change You"

I have always wondered why I was never led to 'fast'.. :)
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  1. Amen. I never felt compelled to fast either. I would feel as though I were going on a food-strike just to make God do whatever it is I wanted Him to do, lol!

  2. Me too! And I also wonderful why, if fasting was suppose to teach you to control the lusts and bring them into submission... I'd feel way MORE lustful?!

  3. Great comments!

    Cheza, I might borrow Jacobs prose/poem for SONSHINE.

    Yes, the carnal soul loves to fast ..... poor thing.