Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Poem ~ We Broken

"We Broken"

by Andrea Warren

That place between awake and sleep,
where nothings as it seems.
Where children cry, and women weep,
and life is lost in dreams.
Where silence turns to screaming,
that only God can hear,
and though the tears are streaming,
they never drown the fear.
The darkness comes invading,
the depths of who I am,
and with it hope is fading,
that to save me is God's plan.
Shattered trust that bruises,
with guilt, regret, and shame.
Yet ever my soul chooses,
to call upon God's name.
This life is just a battlefield,
where souls are won and lost.
My heart may break; my strength may yield,
but Christ has paid loves cost.
I'll never see beyond this pain,
if I don't look past this strife,
and I will not rise from this disdain,
if I seek to save this life.
For its when God's lightning flashes,
that we clearly see the skies,
and its from our dirty ashes,
that His life will arise.
When the silence lasts the longest,
we want even more to hear,
and if we're never given time to rest,
we hold the peace more dear.
The Light is never brighter,
than in the darkest place,
and God never holds us tighter,
than when we His face.
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